New website for The Greasy Coat Stringband

Hi folks!

I suppose it is about time that we got ourselves up and running with this sort of fandangled business and so, WELCOME TO THE GREASY COAT STRINGBAND wordpress SITE.

We’re going to use this site in conjunction with our facebook page to keep up to date info on sessions, gigs and festivals we encounter this summer. We might even be inspired to write the odd word or two in keeping with the blog buzz.

So, to get cracking and let you know where we’ll be bangin’ and sawin’, we’ve set up the ‘Upcoming Events’ section, which will detail what we’re doing and when we’re doing it. Our next outing, at the time of writing, will be at the Hatch Bar in Celbridge, on April 11, for what promises to be a fun, packed session with Cristina Quill et al.

In other news, The Greasy Coats are putting together some funky tunes for an EP, which we plan on having by late May.

We can’t think of anything else at the minute, but we’ll keep you posted.

Happy jammin’

The  Greasy Coats


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