Month: January 2015

Happy New Year

Well, we went into a bit of hibernation there for a few months up to Christmas. With new personal projects like college etc, we decided to take a break from gigs. The regular old time session kept going through the dark months and still going strong. All old time musicians welcome to come down to the Thomas House on Monday nights from 9pm for a tune or a listen or whatever suits you.

With that freezing weather outside, it’s too hard to hibernate too much, so we’re back out looking for gigs, if anyone has anything fiddlenbanjoey in mind.

Also, we’ll be up at the Kilteel CCE in Co Kildare at the end of this month, playing some old time sets in between the jigs and reels for the Comholtas branch’s annual St Brigid celebration and art exhibition opening night. Then it’s away off to Tipperary for a charity on February 13….. a Friday!!

Good luck to all in your musical endeavours this year and, if you’ve made music a New Year’s resolution, be smart: make it OLD TIME!