Month: January 2016

New Year, Old Time

Sorry for the cheesy heading, but sometimes we just can’t help ourselves. So, another happy new year folks….kind of strange really, as our last post was wishing a happy new year for last year. Well, things got ahead of us and we didn’t get around to too much posting about our activities, which were varied from finishing college work to buying a van to moving house to getting engaged (that’s right!) to heading to festivals in the van to playing the odd gig in between and then, back to college.

This year, 2016, has started interesting for us though. Some exciting old time stirrings happening in the Spring in Ireland, more of which will be elaborated when ’embargoes’ are lifted.

As for the band, the Greasys are working on a kicking new set with guitarist Paul Mulcahy (of Prison Love). Our first ‘official’ outing of this set will be in the Back Room of the Cobblestone, Smithfield, Dublin 7, on February 18, supporting the UK-based The Black Feathers (although Ray Hughes is a Dub).

Promises to be a great night and we’re really looking forward to not only playing for the first time in the Back Room of The Cobblestone, but also to publicly air our new tunes….of course, when we say new, we are talking at least 50 years old (bar one or two cool proper ‘new’ ones which we just have to include).

That’s it for now… going back to practice some more bangin’ and sawin’…