Yonder comes a rabbit… Easter Eggs and Gigs

Yonder comes a rabbit!
Well, for those who don’t know, two thirds of the Greasys (myself, Derek, and Aisling) moonlight as Irish traditional musicians also (you’d have to, really). In this guise, we had a fantastic 10 days recently in Turin, Italy, playing at Festival Irlandese, an overwhelming intensive experience which heaped all bits of Irish and Celtic culture on the northern Italians.

As we are writing now though, we’re dusting off the cross-tunings and 5th string, and getting ready to host the second of a double-header of old time this Easter weekend in the Cobblestone pub, Smithfield, Dublin.

The long-running, never-tiring Saturday afternoon old time jam run by the legendary Bill Whelan and Ben Keogh (both of the highly influential Rough Deal Stringband) will be on at its usual time of 4.30. This will be followed this evening by the Greasy Coat Stringband hosting a follow-on jam at 7.30-10pm. If anyone is around and wants to play along or listen, feel free to drop by at 7.30. See you then, if not, then happy Easter!


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